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Grocery Shopping Trip with an RD & RD to be

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Happy October Everyone!

Yesterday was my first time assisting on a grocery shopping trip with a patient & I absolutely loved it.  I just wanted to quickly share the news and photos with you all!  We attended Greenwise Market of Publix in Soho/Hyde Park of Tampa, Florida.  Their inventory is similar to Whole Foods or Fresh Market and not like a standard grocery store. I assisted Jennifer Broder RD LD/N CISSN CSSD, owner of The Medical Nutrition Center where I have interned since January of 2014.

I had a few contributions on the trip:

  • Compared food labels and ingredients
  • Helped identify foods and food products the patient could consume based on their individualized diet


  • Shared a personal experience with a product that was not satisfactory (so I guided the patient to another brand)
  • Generally suggested a few products in support of what Jenn endorsed
  • Reminded patient to pick up the rotisserie chicken and frozen products towards the end of the trip.
  • Found a coupon for the patient
  • Guided the shopping cart


Now I am writing a summary of the trip for the patient which will include foods, food products, and brands based on the patient’s likes that we found at the store, and meal preparation ideas based on the patient’s lifestyle.  I learned a lot and, I am so thankful for the opportunity to assist. Thanks to the MNC! Cannot wait to do it again! Jenn and Gina, the Registered Dietitians of The Medical Nutrition Center include shopping trips as part of their patient programs.  If you are interested and want to find out more- give us a call today, 813-850-7592!

& to conclude, here are a few pics from my recent shopping trips at Costco, a wholesale warehouse food store, where I often shop and save a LOT! Can you tell there is an area I steer clear from? 😉


Have a happy & healthy day!

-the mrs.

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