Behind the Name- Mrs. Nutritionista

So why did I choose Mrs. Nutritionista? // I’ve given some insight on how I determined and why I chose my name below!

  1. I wanted a name relating to food and nutrition to give prospective followers an idea about what I post
  2. I’m not an RD/N yet (9 months to go), and without credentials I personally did not feel comfortable using the direct words of dietitian or nutritionist.
  3. I think the -a/-ista adds a fun, light element (& some cheesiness-definitely like me!)
  4. I wanted a name that could roll over once I do become a Registered & Licensed Dietitian/ Nutritionist
  5. Inspiration came from a well-known blogger who has -ista in her name. I just love its catchy-ness! Can you guess who?
  6. I am a newlywed- and so Mrs. fit so right in the name!

There you have it! Short and simple post just giving you an idea on the inspiration behind my name. Thanks for stopping through! Have a great day, all!

the mrs.



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