Super Bowl Snack & Appetizer Ideas


here are some simple wholesome snack & appetizer ideas for Superbowl Sunday // starting with the bottom left::

hummus and fresh bacon bits stuffed tomatoes garnished with watercress

soft, warm pretzel bites with fresh dipping cheese (find recipe here )

fresh fruit bowl

hummus with added chopped kalamata olives topped with diced tomatoes (a fabulous tasting dip, especially for the non-hummus lovers out there!)

bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese (a total hit always!)

hummus with vegetables and homemade yuca chips (my first time making yuca chips, I need to make again and then I will post a recipe!)

As you can see, I love hummus! // some other favorite snacks & apps of mine include:

 parmesan dusted kale chips // edamame // tzatziki for vegetable dipping // baked wings // spinach artichoke dip // mixed olives // assorted cheeses // date balls


Happy, healthful superbowl snacking my friends!

-the mrs.


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