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Mocha Chia Pudding


thank you Dietitian Debbie for this amazing vegan recipe! // click here for the recipe // it calls for 1/4 cup chia seeds and cost per 1/4 cup of chia is just $0.22 // it makes 2 servings, but I spread it to 4 // not only is it incredibly budget-friendly, but it’s nutrient dense, gluten free, dairy free (made with my homemade almond milk!), low-fat, high-fiber, and the list go on! // I have been enjoying this with Dang sea salt caramel coconut chips // I had this for the first time at 5 am, and I will admit I could only take 3 bites. the consistency really through me off that early (taste was delicious!), but of course later that day I was went back for some more! //  I look forward to trying different chia pudding combinations in the future // I hope this post inspires you to make some // have a lovely evening all!

happy, healthful eating!

-the mrs.

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