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Cranberry Cacao Energy Cubes


energy & nutrient dense n-o-d (n.utso.atsd.ates) cubes // energy dense balls & cubes are the best thing since sliced bread. for real. // think fresh granola bar // also think HUGE savings from buying already made bars // these guys will take 10 minutes to make // less than 100 calories per cube (around 93 calories) // total cost per cube –> $0.37 per cube & for the n.utso.atsd.ates (1 cup of each) base–> $0.27 per cube // throughout my weekly meal prep adventures (starting my internship in two weeks), I will be creating different combinations // enjoy!

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools


Prep:: Pit Medjool Dates if needed :: Line Tray with Coconut Oil (I use a paper towel and wipe down each cube) :: Yield 16 Cubes :: CHO: 11 grams :: 93 kcals per cube with Cacao Nibs

  1. Chop nuts by hand or in a food processor until finely chopped, set aside
  2. Place dates in a food processor or blender and process until smooth
  3. Add all ingredient to a bowl for mixing or to a Kitchen- Aid Mixer (like I did because it’s easy** Thank you to my sister & brother-in-law for the wedding gift!)
  4. Mix until combined evenly
  5. Fill each cube with the NOD combination & lightly press down on each to mold each cube
  6. Store in the fridge to maintain freshness
  7. When you go for one just use your pointer or a utensil to push the cube out



  • Perfect for on-the-go breakfast options (ah-mazing compliment to coffee), snacks, a side to a meal, or dessert
  • Great for Meal Prep
  • Kid-Friendly (I would use the mini chocolate chips for the kiddies!)
  • Structure holds- up well (Not too sticky! I gave my mom some for a pre-flight snack and she had them post-flight and said they didn’t smash!)
  • Maintain fresh taste for up to a week and a half


Happy, Healthful Eating!

-the mrs.

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