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How to Make Sunbutter


Sunflower butter ‘Sunbutter’ is one of the easiest foods I have ever made // You need just roasted sunflower seeds + a food processor- that’s it! // Sunbutter can be enjoyed by all, but is especially great for those who are avoiding tree nuts and/ or peanuts (which is a legume) //  I am peanut free and Sunbutter satisfies my longing for peanut butter // I’ve done the calculations & you will save half of your money if you make it fresh at home, like the recipe below // –> per 2 Tbsp of Sunbutter it is just $ 0.22 & buy it in bulk -just $0.18  // compare these homemade options to already-made Sunbutter in a jar, which costs double the amount at $0.43 per 2 Tbsp! // fresh sunbutter is also a wonderful option those avoiding sodium (you don’t need to add any salt!) //

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools

Prep:: None :: Yield :: 1/2 cup Sunbutter :: Serving= 2 Tbsp :: Servings, 8

  1. Place sunflower seeds in the food processor and process for up to 5 minutes or until desired smoothness (scrape sides as needed throughout the processing)
  2. Enjoy!


ways to enjoy Sunbutter :: just like a nut butter // dip fruit (apples) or veggies(celery) in it // spread on toast (sb & j!) // blend into smoothies // or just a plain ‘ol scoop of it!

Happy, healthful eating!

the mrs.

Note: Be cautious of the ingredients of the roasted sunflower seeds you buy. Nature’s Harvest Brand of Roasted and Unsalted Sunflower Seeds from Walmart does contain vegetable oil from peanuts and soy.

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