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Wake-up Wild Blueberry Smoothie


Start your morning off right with this antioxidant rich Wake-up Wild Blueberry Smoothie*!  This smoothie is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free,  low sodium, and contains no added sugar.  The cost for this small meal or snack is great and comes in at just $1.55! ( *This is an entry into a Wild Blueberry Association smoothie contest. Following the WOMMA Code of Conduct,  I must inform you that I am eligible to win prizes and was not compensated for my time. #Ad)

The featured ingredient of wild blueberries provide all sorts of nutritional benefits. To name one, they have an incredibly high antioxidant potential at 3,502 orac units per 1/2 cup serving- this smoothie contains 3/4 cup of wild blueberries!  What other nutrients make it such a wonderful “wake-up” breakfast choice? The plant-based protein base (total protein is 12 grams) of the smoothie is silken tofu. Soy protein may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.  In addition to the wild blueberries, the frozen banana, oats, and ground chia seeds help boost its fiber content to a whole 12 grams of fiber.  Almond milk helps smooth out the consistency-you can certainly use any other milk too. Last but not least, the main wake-up ingredient is instant coffee. You can skip your daily coffee brewing when you make this smoothie (or keep the brew and really get a caffeine boost!).  A typical teaspoon of instant coffee contains 75 mg of caffeine and a typical cup of brewed coffee contains 85 mg of caffeine.  This smoothie contains 2 teaspoons of instant coffee- that’s a whopping 150 mg of caffeine.

The caffeine power combined with the assortment of nutrients from wild blueberries and other ingredients will certainly boost your energy. Hello, productive day! Read on to find out about the smoothie’s nutrient content, recipe, and why you should consider (and choose) wild blueberries!


nutrients focus:: Protein: 12 g, Total Carbohydrate: 45 g, Fiber: 12 grams (high fiber!), Omega-6s(LA): 3 g, Omega-3s(ALA): 2.9 g, Sodium: 60 mg (that’s low!) Good sources of:: Calcium: 349 mg, Potassium: 575 mg (great source!), Magnesium: 126 mg (great source!), Vitamin E: 5 mg AT, Vitamin K: 21 mg, Folate: 72 mcg // Calories: 330 calories // Exchanges: Fruits, 1 & 1/4 cups. Protein, 2 &  1/2 oz. Grains, 1/2 oz //

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools

  • 3/4 cup frozen Wild Blueberries (I found Wyman’s at Winn-Dixie and Dole at Walmart.)
  • 3 oz silken Tofu
  • 1/2 medium frozen Banana
  • 6 Tbsp unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 1 Tbsp ground Chia Seeds
  • 2 tsp Instant Coffee
  • 1/4 cup Gluten-Free or Regular Oats
  • Blender and measuring cups

Prep: None // Yield: 1, 12 oz serving

  1. Place all ingredients but the oats in a blender, and process until smooth
  2. Layer or top with oats
  • I also like to top with the wild blueberries to get some delicious whole fruit bites with the oats and blended smoothie!
  • If you’d like to more easily drink the smoothie, add oats into the smoothie pre-blenderizing!
  • Not consuming caffeine? Omit it! You will still have an incredibly delicious smoothie!
  • Need to decrease the carbohydrate amount? Omit the oats! Without the oats, it becomes 250 calories and 31 grams of total carbohydrates


Why choose Wild Blueberries?

  • There are two kinds of blueberries- wild and not wild. The not-wild blueberries are cultivated/ farmed (aka planted by farmers) and the wild blueberries are picked from their wild fields where they have been for 10,000 years.
  • The majority of wild blueberries come from Maine and Eastern Canada. The blueberries I used in my smoothie came from Maine! I have sweet memories as a kid hiking in the Carolina’s and picking wild blueberries- they were tart, sweet, and so tasty!
  • Wild blueberries actually have a stronger flavor than cultivated blueberries despite their smaller size than cultivated blueberries. Their wild genetics lend to their perfect blend of a sweet and tart taste.
  • In my opinion, the best thing about wild blueberries- they have 2 times the antioxidant capacity of cultivated blueberries. Interesting when most wild blueberries are smaller in size than cultivated like I just said, right? I just love the power of nature!
  • Almost all wild blueberries are individually quick frozen at harvest, which secures their nutritional value and taste.  You can find Wild Blueberries in your grocery’s freezer section- just make sure they are labelled “Wild.” I found Wyman’s Wild Blueberries at Winn-Dixie and Dole’s Wild Blueberries at Walmart.
  • The cost of wild blueberries is slightly higher than cultivated blueberries. Key word- slightly! Don’t be turned off by the whole package price.  Wild blueberries are only 7 cents more per oz than cultivated blueberries!


I hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of wild blueberries.  I’m tellin’ ya, the taste of wild blueberries with coffee and the oats makes for an incredibly delicious breakfast (or any time small meal or snack!).  It’s calling your name, now go on and make it! Enjoy!

Happy, healthful eating!

-the mrs.

* This is an entry to a Wild Blueberry Association smoothie contest. Following the WOMMA Code of Conduct,  I must inform you that I am eligible to win prizes and was not compensated for my time. #Ad Wish me luck, guys!


5 thoughts on “Wake-up Wild Blueberry Smoothie

    1. Victoria, thanks girl! You know, I thought Costco had them, but naturally didn’t get to Costco until today- I should have checked the price. I will have to next time! Thanks for the reminder and comment on the nutrition- as an RDN I am happy you liked it!


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