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dietetic internship essentials 

Hi all! I start my internship on Monday! I have been busy prepping and wanted to quickly share the essentials that I’m packing. In addition to this list below, I have downloaded the eNCPT on my phone! 

Internship Essentials 


✔️notebook, I chose legal pads and a portfolio pad for them which will hold a pen too (that way I always have a pen on me!) 

✔️pocket nutrition manual (my program gave me one, but I know other schools/internships require you to make one) 

✔️pocket calculator (can use your phone if they allow you to) 

✔️watch (again, you can use your phone, but I don’t want to be on my phone during the internship- bad image! Found the one pictured at Walmart for $10.88.) 

✔️altoids (can’t live without these!)

✔️perfume (found a travel Vince Camutto spray for $10 at Steinmart!)


✔️nail file



✔️brush (tooth & hair)

✔️chapstick & face powder

✔️lint roller

I also got a zazzle groupon over Christmas for business cards, so I got some made & here they are. You might wonder why business cards are needed. Well throughout my volunteering experience I met many business professionals and never had a contact/business card to give them. I think these will be just the things I need to stay connected with others I meet throughout the internship! 

 What did you find essential to have during your internship? Or for general work, what can you not live without on a daily basis? Comment and let me know! 

-the mrs.

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