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Strawberry Picking at Favorite Farms

Last weekend I went with my good friend Erin and her daughter Kate to go strawberry picking! We are so lucky to have grown up and live right next to the winter strawberry capitol of the world➡️ Plant City, FL.  In my house growing up a flat of strawberries at our house wouldn’t last but 3 days! So many wonderful memories driving up to the strawberry stand to get a fresh strawberry milkshake and Cuban sandwich! 

This past weekend we had a great experience picking strawberries at Favorite Farms in Dover, FL right off the I-4 exit of Mcintosh Road. It was a rare and beautiful beginning of April day with 65 degree weather and blue skies! 

Favorite Farms is open 7 days a week through this weekend of April 9th for U-pick.

Things you will want to prepare for when picking at Favorite Farms:  

  • Containers to take your strawberries home in- they only provide quarts for measuring and picking, not for taking home
  • Water (I brought coconut water! Luckily no sweating for us on the gorgeous day!)
  • Wear: For the little ones pants to cover their legs because they might find the plants rough if brushed against- Boots or tennis shoes- Gloves: mainly due to the chemicals on the plants, but like I said the plants are a little rough too! 
  • Cash: 2 quarts for $1 
  • Also, don’t go down the road Google tells you to. Keep driving past it and you will see the booth on the left where you get the quarts for picking. At the end, you return the quarts and pay! 


happy picking and the best part…eating!

the mrs.

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