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Meal Prep: Greek Cuisine


  • fresh oregano, lemon, garlic, and red onion
  • fresh cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes, kale, swiss chard
  • freshly picked strawberries by yours truly
  • cooked red potatoes, green beans, and gluten free ronzoni pasta
  • sami’s bakery gluten-free plain millet bread and millet and flax chips
  • can of tuna
  • boar’s head turkey pastrami (was craving pastrami!)
  • my homemade carrot cake bites
  • red wine vinegar for dressing with olive oil and fresh lemon
  • not pictured but would make an incredible addition: Kalamata olives, Peperoncini, and Feta Cheese!

I didn’t go all out with Greek recipes due to time constraints, but I still wanted to get some good Greek flavors going on // The fresh oregano was so delicious and was refreshing to have it fresh over dried- warning it is bolder in flavor! // check out a few of my lunches below to see how I combined the foods


tuna salad with tuna + mustard + red onions + capers + oregano on top of cooked red potatoes and chopped kale // sides & snacks included the obvious above.  this was later in the week when I ran out of fresh strawberries, so I had to resort to my frozen berry blend!


created a salad with all the fresh items from the week and wrapped the pastrami around the green beans for a nice crunchy roll-up // sides and snacks included fresh strawberries, potato salad tossed with mustard + red wine vinegar + red onion


2 mini turkey pastrami sandwiches (one slice of bread), a side of strawberries, and another salad full of the greatness you see! // btw, do you love pastrami like I do? choose the lower fat option by selecting turkey pastrami. all the wonderful flavors you love about this style of meat with less saturated fat!


I also made these fabulous carrot cake bites // another *think fresh granola bar* combination that’s perfect for an on-the-go breakfast, snack, or dessert (I eat them as all 3!) // made with fresh carrot, ginger, oats, dates, protein powder, and a few more ingredients // they are no bake, but they do require a food processor or blender!


I have been so incredibly busy in a good way of course with my dietetic internship that I don’t get to post all the little things that I used to // I was so fortunate to attend my second Metagenics educational dinner at Season’s 52 with Gina- my RD mentor, preceptor, and good friend // the lecture was on their new supplemental “medical” food (meal replacement shake) Ultra Meal Cardio 360 that is specially formulated for individuals with dyslipidemia // love the product’s composition and the taste (a bit sweet actually!) //  the chocolate is soy protein based but the vanilla is pea and rice protein based // interestingly enough the soy kept me feeling fuller longer, but I prefer the non-inflammatory composition of the vanilla //  thanks again to Metagenics for hosting a great night as always and to The Medical Nutrition Center for including me on this event!

Internship update: I officially ended community and 2 of my elective weeks of the internship.  I am headed into my 4th week of elective, which is in food service management/school nutrition at Sarasota County Schools!After this week I will be in the hospital kitchen of Brandon Hospital and then I will move to clinical at Brandon Hospital. Just 19 more weeks to go! I think I’ll be signing up for my RD exam before I know it!

Happy, healthful eating and prepping my friends!

-the mrs.

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