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Budget Friendly Gift Ideas and My Holiday Wishlist


Happy Holidays, all! I wanted to share my budget-friendly gift ideas with you pre-Black Friday and Small Business Saturday madness.  Maybe you can find these gifts this weekend for even less!  These ideas would be great for host/hostesses, coworkers, bosses, mentors, and teachers gifts! There are two not-so-budget-friendly gifts at the end of the post, but I had to share, as they are my favorite  kitchen appliances.  Please note, these are my own ideas and findings, and I was not sponsored or asked to share these items. Also, check out my wishlist at the end of this post. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I am off to go bake a dark chocolate cheesecake with a freshly baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookie crust- wish me luck!

My Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas:

#1: Tea. Loose leaf tea is always a great gift, as the loose leaves always bring on a better and fresher flavor unlike the pre-packaged ones in my opinion.  Gift it alone or pair it with a steeper.  Find inexpensive tea at your local Asian Market, or shop from TeBella (2 ounce bag shown in pictures below for $7). For the Tampa Bay locals you can visit the TeBella stores in person.  Find a steeper at the Asian Market, Walmart, Amazon.com, or your local grocer (I found the heart-shaped one pictured below at Publix for $4)

#2: Fresh Herb Plant, like Basil or Sage. $5 or less. Can be found at markets, plant nurseries, and places like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart. Gift it alone with a bow or pair with Herb Scissors or Chopper ($5-20)

#3: Salad Chopping Scissors I use these guys almost daily.  I also slice other vegetables, meat, bananas (which then go in the freezer for smoothies!) ($15-$25)

#4: Coffee Grinder ($15-25) Pair it with a bag of whole bean coffee ($5-15) Received this as a wedding shower gift from a dear friend- excellent idea, Miranda!

#5: Bonsai Tree or Bamboo ($10-$30) My Mr. gifted a Bonsai to me for our 1 year anniversary (Did you know the 1 year gift is paper? Also, incorporated into the meaning of the gift is that we will tend to the plant to maintain it and help it grow just like our marriage- Yup, my man is creative and a keeper 🙂 For purchasing, I love Eve’s Garden located in Land O Lakes. Turns out they ship in the US as well.  I have also seen Bamboo at Costco and Bonsais and Bamboo at the Home Depot and Lowes.

#6: Rounded Scoops ($10-$20) Pair them with a homemade cookie mix in a mason jar (don’t forget the baking directions) or a store-bought mix (& directions- can cut out and place in gift bag). I have two scoop sizes and use both all the time. They are also great for energy bites/ balls.

#7: Essential Oil Car Diffuser ($6-$20) Release oils to promote relaxation on car commutes? Sounds ideal.  Great for an essential oil newbie (me) or avid user. Pair with an oil or two ($10-$20)

And for 2 not-so-budget-friendly, but well worth it gifts (note: a few people can pitch in for 1 person or family)

#8: Ninja Blender. It’s my favorite and I used it daily. I can use it as a large blender, individual smoothie maker, or food processor.  Follow this link to which one I own. (I want to say my mom purchased it at Costco for $199).  The NutriNinja (just the individual smoothie maker) on it’s own would be a great gift too. ($69 at Walmart)

#9: Breville Automatic 51 Ounce Tea Brewer: Finally a large pot of tea can be brewed like coffee! The Mr. and I received this for a wedding gift from my Aunt and her husband (I did register for it) and I absolutely love it.  Highly recommend it for Tea Lovers.

My Christmas WishList:

#1: WordPress Upgrade, Been riding on the bare minimums & can’t wait to get theme upgrades & recipe card, Pinterest, etc. plugins

#2: Stainless Steel Cooking Utensils, Goodbye Nylon & Plastic

#3: Cast Iron Skillet, Never have owned one. Time to cook delicious food & get in some extra iron

#4: Herb Keeper, for my fridge , to keep them fresher for longer

#5: Essential Oil Diffuser, Looking for some indoor mood stabilizing action

#6: Work Bag, My Longchamp my sister got me a few years back is still usable, but I need a bigger bag!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and leave with some gift inspiration! Please feel free to comment with your favorite products or brands here on on my IG or Facebook Page.

Happy, Healthful Holidays!

-The Mrs.

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